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Sanding & Painting Non-Slip Laminated Canvas Drop cloth with Integrated Securing Strap - 12'x14'

2-in-1 Sanding & Painting Drop Cloth

  • Item # 10208P-TM
  • Unique 2 in 1 Drop Cloth
  • When Sanding, use the Plastic Laminate side up for easy cleaning of sanding dust and debris. The sanding particles are easily discarded from the plastic film, keeping floors and furniture dust free during the entire painting project.
  • When Painting, using the Cotton side up absorbs paint spills into the cotton weave construction.
  • Features industry leading NON SLIP protection. Keeps the drop cloth securely in place reducing the risk of dangerous accidents.
  • The poly laminate film provides 100% leak-proof protection from major spills
  • Unique PATENTED Integrated Securing Strap (ISS) keeps your drop cloth neatly folded when not in use.
  • 65% Cotton | 35% Synthetic with Non-Slip Plastic Laminate

Patent Design Integrated Securing Strap (ISS) is Licensed by EJA&A Holdings Inc.
Canada # 151603
USA # D750,500
Europe # 001396253-0001

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