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Our Story

Four Generations of Continued Innovation

Tremor Distributing is the result of decades of experiences that have been passed down through four generations of the Aronoff family.

With humble beginnings in 1927, father and sons with horse drawn carts collected and resold rags and bottles for recycling.

Then, the next two generations continued the progress and expanded through the post war boom of the 40’s and continuing into the 70’s to become Canada’s leading supplier of textile waste for recycling; processing and selling upwards of 24 million pounds of textile waste per year worldwide.

The fourth generation continued the tradition and in the 1980’s introduced paint, cleaning and automotive consumer products to the retail markets.

 …Today the story continues and Tremor Distributing is proud to offer innovative, excellent quality products for the weekend warrior, the passionate DIYer and the professional contractor, all at affordable prices.

We continue to offer products to all our customers with ingrained old core values.

Innovation to perform your projects better / easier / faster…  leaving you less work and more life.

Rediscover painting | The Wave of Innovation.


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