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New Micro Thin Drop Cloth

New Micro Thin Drop Cloth with Risk Reducing TrackShield Technology boasts huge features & benefits

Manufactured in the USA – Three years in the making; Tremor Distributing Inc. unveils its unique Patent Pending “best in class” disposable “Protection of Surfaces”…

Our vision was to create and develop an affordable disposable drop cloth that could best address all the requirements you could want in one convenient item. STRENGTH; SUPER ABSOBANCY; LIQUID CONTAINMENT & RISK REMOVING SECURITY all together in one sheet, so thin it’s hard to believe there are actually “5” technologically advanced layers of protection.

  • The top layers provides strength, wicking and permeation
  • The combination of THREE middle layers provides Swelling & Jelling Super Absorbency.
  • The bottom layer yields a Leak-Proof Liquid Containment Barrier & High Performance Non-Slip Security Surface.

Combine the features of this versatile product and you get Tremor’s affordable Drop Cloth with Risk Reducing TrackShield Technology.

The well thought out sizes makes this accessory tool ideal for protection in numerous painting and home related projects!

  • The 4’ x 4’ Task & Dedicated Work Station Cloth provides a perfect size for accumulating and preparing all your supplies in the center of your project. Small staining, art, planting or other project can be performed with Security and Peace of Mind….
  • 4’ x 12’ Wall side Sheet offers a thin but strong non-slip protection of surfaces while painting walls and mouldings.
  • 8’ x 12’ for covering floors, furniture or even as a table top covering for picnics…
  • 18” x 55 Feet; The New perimeter roll (sufficient for protecting a room up to 12’ x 12’ or equivalent) even stairs or along a fence.

Rediscover Painting, Tremor; The wave of innovation!

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